Media wall hire

Great reasons to select event essentials for media wall rental

Creating beautiful backdrops - We custom-designed our framework providing a close fit of the fabric, minimising creases, for a sleek, polished look. Our in-house design enables some cool finishes too!

Innovation and customisation - Seamless, continuous fabrics any length you like! L-shaped, U-shaped, double-sided, internally-lit, front-lit, mounted LED screen fitted to the wall, angled profile you name it, we love a challenge.

Construction and installation - We are experienced in building walls that look great and are safe in high traffic, public spaces. No such thing as a light-weight, floppy, unstable media wall from us! Our walling is safe, robust, reliable and structurally sound.

Design services - We offer complete graphic design and print management services for the production of walls and backdrops.

Complimentary products - we can take care of your event entry needs from front lighting the wall perfectly, to coloured lighting, entrance carpet, bollards and ropes and more! Save with a single supplier taking care of your rental equipment needs.

Care factor - We love what we do and genuinely care about providing you with a product that is not only beautiful but also suits your space

Lighting solutions - lighting your entry space, make it pop!

Front lighting the media wall to suit professional photography can be provided on a mini-truss stand for a small lighting footprint, and powered by battery for a clean and tidy event space (no cable runs), and flexible placement (no reliance on access to venue power).

Coloured lighting is popular to reinforce branding colours or event theming. Our LED quad pars are battery powered and programmable to a wide variety of pre-set colours.

Back lighting a fabric wall is the ultimate wow factor, which looks amazing for full graphics walls used as a stage backdrop or event space feature.

Internally lit media wall hire

Custom frame, internally lit media walls double-sided, black plush carpet

Media wall lighting

Li-TECH battery powered lighting, coloured lighting, navy plush carpet, media wall, bollards, white ropes and theme design

LED quad hire

LED battery powered quads, media wall, carpet, front lighting

Coloured  lighting

Internally lit media wall, printed carpet, coloured lighting and theming

printed exhibition backdrop

Internally lit, printed exhibition backdrop

Customer testimonials

Thank you for the quality service and equipment you provided. Our interstate and international guests were so impressed with the set up. We will definitely be using you again in the future.

Garry & Warren Smith Group

the work your team performed onsite was second to none, I've never seen a contractor pay such great attention to detail and work in with our schedule so seamlessly. Thank you for making my job that much easier!

Fin Hands

I’d like to acknowledge the wonderful work your team did in setting up the foundations for this event – it was much appreciated and helped our day run to timeline and smoothly

Peninsula Health